true self vs inner critic

It’s that time of the week again! The third episode of “The Baggage Reclaim Sessions” podcast has just become available.

Each week I cover topics around empowering you to discover and reclaim the great you that already exists, offloading excess emotional baggage, and navigating dating, interpersonal relationships and tricky situations.

I also feature a listener question plus I share something from that week that has helped me to know and care for me better.

Here’s what I cover in episode 3:

Trying to speed up a relatively new relationship due to fear of uncertainty: Why do we do it and how to calm down before you end up sucking the joy out of your experience.

The critical parent and the influence it has on your relationship with criticism: How excessive criticism can train you to be an exhausted perfectionist and people pleaser, the type of people you can end up gravitating to and how recognising what’s behind their critical ways can be the beginning of transforming your relationship with criticism and seeing you in a more compassionate light. This is the post I mention on dealing with criticism and conflict.

Why boredom can be code for ‘fear of having to spend time with our own thoughts and feelings’: After I got talking with somebody who goes on dating sites and apps out of boredom, it got me thinking about how we can end up doing destructive things when we’re not engaged in living our life because we don’t like who we are or how we’re feeling. 

Listener Question – Do you have a couple of quick tips for dealing with passive-aggressive people? This listener is struggling with a nightmare coworker who says one thing, does another… and won’t own up to it.

What Nat Learned This Week: I’ve realised that the amount of time we spend putting off something that we need to do is far greater than the amount of time that it takes to do it plus when we put off what we think are awkward conversations, they too often end up being far less awkward and dramatic than we predicted. 

You can listen to this podcast below

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