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Why Did We Break Up?Why Did We Break Up? is back and it’s regular Tuesday slot of  The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In today’s episode, Hannah fell in love with her “dominant” engaged co-worker with the “strong personality” and left her “safe and comfortable” four-year relationship to stop living a lie. Unfortunately, her lover wasn’t haven’t the same attack of conscience and so began a four-month struggle where he went from being intense with her as they went hand in hand through London despite the risk of being caught, to him blowing hot and cold, cancelling arrangements and her feeling depressed and lonely while he dined out with fiancé. It all came to an end when it became apparent that he had no intentions of leaving and so ensued plenty of back and forth and her demanding answers from him and wondering why he wasn’t honest about his intentions. I help her understand why they broke up.

Links mentioned in the show (and some extras):

About activation

Activation: When someone or something activates old issues
Intensity Isn’t The Same As Intimacy

About being over-responsible

Episode 33

Giving Up The Role of Being Over-Responsible

Advice Wednesday: I Tried To Rescue Him From His Unfair Open Relationship & He Went Back To Her

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