It’s time for the first The Baggage Reclaim Sessions episode of 2017.

In episode 70, I share some of the key lessons, sharing personal stories and anecdotes from the year, some that I definitely haven’t talked about before. Topics covered include:

  • Why life is a teacher.
  • How a twenty-years-later apology galvanised me to explore pain from my childhood.
  • You can make plans, but be aware that your plan isn’t necessarily the plan.
  • Everything comes in useful so even if something doesn’t make sense right now, one day, it will suddenly make sense about why it was important to go through something at the time or how handy something has proved to be.
  • Out of pain can come unexpected joy.
  • Don’t make sense out of other people’s nonsense.
    • There are things that in theory plenty of us should do if we’re even semi-decent and you can break your brain trying to go from here to eternity trying to figure them out.
    • Other people’s stuff is never about you, even when it’s your parents–see them as humans first, not put on earth just to work for you.
  • Surrender and surrender hard.
    • Every time I’m trying to be in control, I am not trusting.
    • If you’re too busy trying to be up in everyone else’s business or rushing around, you can’t hear you and you can’t be guided.
    • If you’re hurting and afraid, surrender some more.
  • How I managed to have a drama-free Christmas–woooooooohoooooooooo! I talk about how I had to shut down the guilt that kept popping up to make way for the Christmas and New Year I wanted.

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Nat xxx

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