Your values represent the preferences, priorities, and principles that speak for your character and the direction of your life. They’re your decisions for how you want to live.

The more mindful you are of what you prioritise and why, the less likely you are to start or continue relationships that are not in alignment with you. You also won’t overvalue anything that doesn’t ultimately reflect these core values.

Without direction and purpose, your relationship has no aim. This requirement isn’t just a question of whether it’s committed or casual; the direction and purpose are expressed through individual and joint values. These are the backbone of every relationship, so make ‘em strong.

If you own your values, you can be more intentional, and your relationships will have more intent. Neither party will need to act surprised by who you each are and what you need or want.

Whatever a relationship is doing or not doing, that all comes down to values.

We love and are loved, care and are cared for, trust and are trusted, and respect and are respected in relationships with genuine compatibility, the ability to co-exist harmoniously because of shared core values. Don’t dismiss the importance of these.

For more on authentic, loving relationships, check out my book Love, Care, Trust and Respect.

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