Whatever you're prepared to settle for is what you're going to get. Don't settle for crumbs. by Natalie Lue, Baggage Reclaim.

It’s amazing what we talk ourselves into and accept from others when we don’t believe that we’re worth it. Or, when we know we are but don’t think who and what we want is out there. There’s a fear that we can’t do better and that this is as good as it gets. Unfortunately, this sets the bar very low and creates a self-fulfilling prophecy.

By accepting less than who we are and what we need, desire and deserve, we, well, do that. It’s impossible for us to be open to something better or feel good about ourselves at the same time as settling. We settle, quietly (or possibly openly) dislike ourselves for doing so but worry, then, about being alone, making a mistake or just getting more of the same. And so the vicious cycle continues.

This is where we’re actually accepting crumbs from ourselves. It’s the putting us down, limiting our options, filling our head with scarcity and comparison thoughts. It’s putting us last by deprioritising our needs, expectations, desires, feelings and opinions. If we don’t continue to settle for a low self-image and no self-care, there isn’t room to settle for someone who treats us in a less-than manner. When we treat and regard us with increasing love, care trust and respect, we don’t accept less from others than what we can already do for ourselves.

Whatever you’re prepared to settle for is what you’re going to get. Don’t accept crumbs… and that includes from yourself.

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