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Remember in episode 7 when I faced my fear of confrontation and told my mama that we’re doing our own thing for Christmas? I’ve been getting the cold freeze ever since! I chuckled away to myself as I put together the image for this post because it’s what all sides of my family are like, and a family that never wants to talk about or own up to anything can leave you feeling as if your options are very limited – this is one of the topics in this week’s show.

I don't need to talk - we're family! I don't explain, I don't apologise. Now, let's go back to pretending that I haven't crossed your boundaries... So, anyway... Why haven't you found someone yet? Is it because you're picky, as usual?

Here’s what I cover in episode 10:

What’s the craic with Future Faking?: Does the person who uses talk of the future to get what they want in the present, do it intentionally? I talk about the intentional Future Fakers and the ones who lack self-awareness but still need to take responsibility, plus I explain why experiencing someone like this needn’t cost you your faith in people. | More posts on Future Faking.

Feeling as if we have limited options with tricky family members: When we don’t get on with our family member, we can feel as if we’re stuck in a bad situation with only three unpalatable options available to us. I talk about these and explain why there are options beyond this once you bring healthy boundaries into the mix. | The 30-Day Project I mention is Dealing With Tricky Family Members.

Me again? Dealing with that certain someone who keeps asking you for favours: Most of us don’t mind helping out a friend in need but what do we do when it becomes apparent that they’re taking liberties? I explain what a favour is, where it can be misconstrued on one or both sides, and what to do if you’re feeling taken advantage of but struggling to find your no.

Listener Question – I’m not sure if I’m jealous or envious: This week’s listener wants to know the difference between the two after encountering issues with a friend.

What Nat Learned This Week: Helping my two daughters navigate and deal with their feelings about learning and making mistakes has given me some fresh reminders about being vulnerable enough to be open to finding out what I don’t know.

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