It’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 69, I cover:

Interdependence: I explain the difference between dependence, being fiercely protective of your independence, and interdependence and why the latter is what happens when you allow you to feel all of your feelings.


Feelings Diary Guide

Why do we bounce back at different rates?: I talk about how the pain, fear and guilt that we carry in our emotional baggage impacts on our bounceback rate when we experience life’s challenges.


Insincere insistence of repayment: Ever had a family member (or another loved one) borrow money from you, tell you that they’re going to pay you back, you then don’t chase them about it and have even written it off, only for them to get mad at you for saying OK when they come to you reminding you that they’re going to repay you or for accepting the money when they give it back? Yeah, I know—it’s messed up! I explain why this is one of life’s ways of teaching us about walking around the trap.

Listener Question: Why haven’t I moved on when I’m the one who walked away? This week’s listener realised that she needed to make big changes and stepped away from the people who weren’t good for her. Two years on and much happier, she’s ruminating about why they didn’t try to get in touch after she cut them off.

The book I mentioned: The Big Leap by Gay Hendricks

Are you sabotaging yourself by not allowing you to be happy?

What I Learned This Week: There’s always stuff to do so take some time to rest and be in your own space during this hectic time and beyond.

My new book that I mentioned at the start of the show, Love, Care, Trust & Respect, is out now.

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Nat xxx

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