Welcome to another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 76, I cover:

Waiting for the other happiness shoe to drop: I talk about why sometimes after being very impacted by something and struggling to recover, we can feel as if the happier we allow ourselves to be, the harder we will fall, and so we curtail our happiness as a self-protective measure.

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I’m Still Standing, You’re Still Standing

Over-apologising: Find yourself almost apologising for breathing or apologising even when you haven’t done anything wrong? I talk about why we have this people pleasing habit, why it’s demoralising, and how to start kicking the habit.

Transformative love: I talk about the couple of questions that we can ask ourselves about whether how we love is transforming us in a positive or negative way.

Listener Question: Should I contact him and try to tell him that he is worthy of love and avoidant?

What I Learned This Week: I’m learning that life takes things out of your hands and forces you to slow down or take a break and about how stepping back a bit gets you more energised.

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