There's no need for you to try to build a new person from scratch. Move some of your emotional baggage out of the way so that you can see you more clearly.

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In this episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I give a preview of what’s ahead, sharing a little of where my head is at with Baggage Reclaim and my mission to help people Reclaim themselves from their emotional baggage. It’s basically my manifesto for ‘season 3’ and beyond and I’m really excited.

It’s good to be back.
In the episode, I talk about:
  • The importance of closing the gap between what we say we want, who we say we are, and what we’re actually being and doing – our happiness lies in the space where that gap is getting smaller.
  • Why we’re expecting too much of ourselves when we expect to land into adulthood having everything figured out.
  • How we’re not aware of how our past is informing what we’re doing right now and how the things we do on autopilot and the pain we experience from our patterns, are there to wake us up to the knowledge that what we’re doing is not who we are and that there is a different way.
  • What it was that prompted me to start Baggage Reclaim and why my desire to help people overcome their pasts and to become more emotionally available is so important to me.
  • Why there isn’t any need to ‘build a new you’ from scratch and that moving forward is really about moving some baggage out of the way so that you can see you more clearly.
  • Why there’s no need to be perfect or for us to get rid of ‘all’ of our emotional baggage.

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