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A couple of day’s back, I wrote about how, when we’re in a situation where someone pretty much clicks their fingers and we come running, and then we’re gradually feeling hurt and resentful because they don’t feel the same way, we need to draw our line.

In this week’s episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions, I delve into the subject of how ambiguous situations come about, some of the questions they raise, and why it’s so important for us to be unambiguous if we don’t want something vague and confusing to flourish.

Topics covered

  • Signs of ambiguity including when our mind is busy trying to work out whether our interpretation is correct and reluctance to take action disguised as confusion
  • I share three very real stories that have ambiguity written all over them
  • Why passiveness and latching on to hallmarks, so things we take as signs of romantic interest while ignoring the landmarks are key themes in these situations
  •  Ambiguous relationships often originate from ambiguous friendships and as comfortable as it can be to admit, there is a hidden agenda
  • The breakdown in communication including our own ability to communicate honestly with ourselves and that tricky issue of hinting
  • Why it’s not just one person being ambiguous…
  • Why where’s there’s ambiguity, there’s assumptions and a bias towards collecting info that supports our outlook
  • How ambiguous situations open us up to being used
  • Why if actions and words don’t match, there’s a problem

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