Progression is one of the five landmarks of healthy relationships, along with balance, commitment, consistency, and intimacy. When you have the landmarks, plus you each endeavour to embody the four qualities of a loving partner, you co-create, forge and sustain a mutually fulfilling relationship.

Healthy relationships progress. They grow. If a relationship consistently moves forward instead of standing still, regressing, or going in fits and starts, it indicates strong, vital signs. Progression is a sign of commitment, not to titles but to decisions. Each party keeps deciding to show up.

Where many daters trip themselves up is mistaking intensity for progression. Part of the health in the early stages is going at an emotionally, mentally, and physically comfortable pace.

Relationships that progress intensely in the early stages tend to crash and burn or have too much drama. The fallout and/or lack of fulfillment and compatibility are super confusing. We wonder what went wrong when it seemed ‘so great’ and we had ‘great chemistry’. Intensity, though, is super misleading, often making us believe we know someone better than we do.

When someone is genuinely interested in you, they don’t burn up energy, better spent nurturing and growing the relationship, on resisting you. If issues prevent them from being as committed as they claim they’d like to be, they address them, allowing the relationship to continue to develop.

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