I’ve been making video’s again – I don’t think I’ve experienced such a steep learning curve since I detoxed myself of Mr Unavailables and assclowns, or when I had my second daughter (can you believe she’s just turned one and walking?!) and was juggling two kids under two…. Anyway! In case you’re wondering why they’re not all on YouTube, last one was ‘too long’…

The first video is about letting go of the idea that you have a lot in common with someone who has treated you badly or the relationship no longer exists. In the second video I explain why it’s best not to get carried away or project your way of doing things on people when it comes to understanding why someone will call you after you’ve broken up when they have nothing more to offer you. And the last video is about the no contact rule.

I hope you enjoy! x

The No Contact Rule from Natalie Lue on Vimeo.



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