It’s time for another episode of Why Did We Break Up?.

Stéphane liked Tim almost immediately when she moved into the same halls of residence at their university and when they finally got talking, it quickly turned into an intense friendship where he made it known from the outset that he disassociates from his emotions due to trauma suffered at age 12. After cutting her off and then reconnecting for a short-lived romance, it ended and Stéphane doesn’t really understand why –  feeling confused about whether it was all in her head or lies on his part or whether she should hold out in the hope that he’ll sort himself out. She’s now ready to answer the question, Why did we break up?


Intensity Isn’t The Same As Intimacy
About hooks

Critical Heartbreak Experiences
Understanding your ‘trust points’
This isn’t love: You’re in pattern, they’re in pattern
Getting Out of Your Uncomfortable Comfort Zone: Why it’s time to stop using your time to reinforce unhealthy beliefs
Attraction is prompted by instincts: If we lack self-knowledge, our intuition is off, which means our instincts are off too
Translated: I Love You But I’m Not In Love With You…and other such sayings
More Translations: I Don’t Want To Hurt You, You’re Out of My League and other such sayings…
More Translations: I Will Never Fall in Love Again, I’m Just A Simple Guy & other such sayings

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