Welcome to another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 77, I cover:

The Friend Zone: I explain some of the key reasons for being Friend Zoned including putting on our ‘friend hat’ because we think that the best relationships started out as friends first [and then being surprised that we are only seen as a friend], being focused on coming across in a certain way and so forgetting to be ourselves, and doing so much that there’s no need for it to become a relationship. I also talk about the importance of identifying whether you have a type.

When they don’t apologise: I talk about five key reasons why some people just don’t apologise including believing that apologising for one thing is akin to apologising, not just for other similar transgressions with you, but transgressions with others in their past that they haven’t been willing to apologise for, along with seeing apologising as it making them 100% responsible and you 0%. I also share a few next steps for if it’s you that has a problem apologising.

Breaking up with your vision: When we end a relationship, we’re also breaking up with the vision that we had of ourselves in that relationship, but it doesn’t mean that we’re broken or hopeless.

Listener Question: How do I set boundaries with my patronising and overbearing co-worker?

What I Learned This Week: Everyone’s going through their own struggles and the same person that you’re admiring for something you think you’re not is admiring you for that same thing. The friend I mentioned in this portion was Janet Murray—if you’re running a business (or thinking about it) and get stressy about the marketing of it, she’s your woman!

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