The Baggage Reclaim Sessions PodcastIt’s time for another episode of The Baggage Reclaim Sessions.

In episode 48, I cover:

Making a start with building your self-esteem: One of my most frequently asked questions is, How do I build my self-esteem? and I talk about why it’s about getting started from wherever you’re at and making small, regular contributions. | 100 Days of Baggage Reclaim ebook 

Why him/her and not me?: It can feel very painful when we not only hear that an ex has moved on but when we diminish us by convincing ourselves that they’re living the fairy tale and being a better person in a better relationship. I talk about some of the reasons why we feel this way including feeling territorial about our investment and conflating the fact that they’ve moved on with our worth or the fact that it must mean that we are ‘to blame’. I share some tips for beginning to move forward so that this pain doesn’t become a distraction from taking the next step with moving forward with our own life.

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Betting On Potential in Relationships

There’s no need for someone to announce their dislike: It baffles me when people go out of their way to clobber people with their personal opinions, such as feeling that they have to let someone know that they don’t like them or letting them know their opinion about their appearance or other judgements about how they feel others should live.

Listener Question: This week Alison wants to know if she has a right to feel as bad as she does after cutting contact with her best friend due to her being in love with him?

What I Learned This Week: I don’t have to do everything.

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